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Expansion Tanks For Solar Energy Systems

The rapidly improving solar energy systems have became vital in our's daily life.
The expansion tanks are the most important component, making the system work precisely for longtime.

If you think you are in need of new, high quality expansion tank for solar systems because of the problems you have met; With its innovative approach, BESTANK is ready to meet all your demans with its new Bestank Solar series tanks.

Bestank Solar expansion series tanks are being designed in order to control the expansion & contraction of the water due to exceed of heat in the closed circuit systems and thus to provide safety operating of the system and to make the system work in the most efficient way.

Bestank Solar system tanks are being produced in real volume sizes, equipped with interchangable membrane of italian origine, compounded of special Butyle and other chemical structures, providing resistance up to 130 C (allowing limited use). Along with that, Bestank solar tanks are being manufactured with stainless steel flange cover and stainless steel water connector.

The stainless steel flange cover and the stainless steel water connector provide a great protection against rust. The Butyle membrane allows very low gas permeability. Thus Bestank Solar tanks can be used for many years with not even a single defect.

Each single Bestank solar tank is being offered for sale after passed through all the quality checks and quality 100% approved.
Tank Metal Body
  • Interchangable membrane due to screw connection flange cover at the bottom of the tank
  • Flange cover and water connector made of stainless steel material
  • Resistant up to 10/16/25 bars
  • Outer surface with epoxy powder paint
  • All tanks CE 97/23 Certified
  • Option: Flanges available in carbon steel upon request
  • Butly-Special Solar membranes suitable for high temperature applications
  • Suitable for use up to 100°C(allowing limited use up to 130°C)
  • Suitable for use with Ethylene-or Propylene-Glycolic mixtures
  • Very low gas permeability
  • DIN 4807-3 certified
  • Option: EPDM membranes available upon request
Original Colour : Almond - RAL 1013 RAL 1013

Optional Colour : Red - RAL 3020 RAL 3020

Overheat Compensation Tanks
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Overheat Compensation Tanks

The Overheat Compensation Tanks are specially produced in order to protect the membrane from overheat in case the temperature in the solar systems suddenly increases.

In sometimes, the heat in the system can grow up out of control. In this case, the cold water inside the heat compensation tank gets mixed with the hot water and thus the water gets into the solar membrane with regulated heat.