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Fresh-hygienic water is the most important need of the humanity recently . We have to bring thewater to our houses with the city network line in a way that the water does not damages its hygienic features. For this reason, in the buildings, factories and other places where hydrophore systems areused, it is obligatory that the membrane inside the hydrophore tank strictly correspond to hygienic standarts.

Bestank potable water tank series provide a high hygienic standarts to its users. The membrane used inside the Bestank Tanks correspond to all European Union and USA potable water hygienic standarts and all the membranes are certified Furthermore, the only point where the water gets in touch with the tank, inlet-outlet, is the flange cover and connector which are made of stainless steel.

Bestanks hydrophore tanks are avaliable in 10 bar- 16 bar and 25 bar which can be used in combined with irrigating pumps, centrifugal pumps and other hydrophore systems in a safe way....
Tank Metal Body
  • Interchangable membrane due to screw connection flange cover at the bottom of tank
  • Flange cover and water connector made of stainless steel material
  • Resistant up to 10/16/25 bars
  • Outer surface with epoxy powder paint
  • All tanks CE 97/23 Certified
  • Option: Flanges available in carbon steel upon request
  • High quality EPDM membranes, hygienic certified, approved by European Union and USA Institutions
  • DIN 4807-3,NSF-61, WRAS, BS-6920 certified and other quality certificates avaliable
  • Option: Butly membranes available upon request
Original Colour : Blue - RAL 5015 RAL 5015

Optional Colour : Red - RAL 3020 RAL 3020

Vertical Tanks With Leg
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Vertical Tanks Without Leg
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